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What Gets Lost in the Remote Work Debate?

Posted by | 05/04/2022 | Remote Work

The world of remote work has witnessed drastic and sudden changes at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these significant transformations haven’t been the same for everyone. 

For some, the commodity of remote work has really been a game-changer on an upward trend to prosperity. Those who could manage work at home have thrived while not having to commute, eat out or deal with numerous office-related hindrances. The majority have reported that they have increased productivity and decreased expenses. 

On the other hand, not everyone has found this situation favorable. Was this transition as easy for the employers as it was for some of the employees? How has the change in workplace psychology changed the individual at home behind the camera? Is saving money on commuting truly better than working in a busy but supportive environment? 

So many questions, so many points of view on the matter. Let’s look at what has got lost in this ongoing remote work debate, especially now, in yet another transition period. 

The Employees’ Point of View

About a third of the US workers have expressed the desire to stay fully remote. Furthermore, 25% of US workers have stated that they would quit their jobs if they couldn’t continue with the remote work. Close to 50% of questioned employees said that they would be happy to have 5% of their pay reduced in exchange for the possibility of remote work.

These people have discovered that not having to go to the office leaves them more time to spend with their family and friends, doing what they enjoy most and still getting sufficient rest. In addition, the new regime has opened their eyes to a healthier lifestyle, far away from the hustle and bustle. 

However, is the remote model entirely positive? 

Hardly. In short periods, productivity rises when people are allowed to work from home. But as time goes on, the productivity of employees drops significantly. 

Firstly, the home environment produces many distracting factors. TV is on, food is in the fridge, and the bed is two feet away. Not many people will resist these temptations, especially when there’s no one around to disapprove. Secondly, the employee is all alone at home and very often isolated from the rest of the family so that they wouldn’t interrupt too much. But this lack of socializing in the workplace takes its toll slowly but thoroughly. There’s no spontaneous brainstorming of ideas, no water-cooler chitchat, no valuable connections or business lunches. 

And there’s the conundrum – you like being at home, but sometimes, just sometimes, you wish you were in a face-to-face meeting so you can “feel the room.” Or – you absolutely hate being stuck at home, you miss the people and the buzzing of machines, but sometimes, on a rainy day, you wish you could stay in. Is there a solution to make the best of both worlds?

The Employers’ Point of View

The stance of the employers is diverse. While some companies, such as Twitter, offer their employees the option to stay remote “forever,” others are looking to return their people to the “physical realm.” Or at least split the working model into part-time options. Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google have either leased or started the construction of new corporate spaces. Judging from this, they are preparing for a return to the traditional way, at least partly. Their reasons are numerous, but most revolve around the problem of managing human resources – training, learning, sharing ideas, and keeping people together. All of these tasks are virtually impossible through remote communication. 

On the other hand, many people are now far more selective when it comes to making their own choice. Middle-aged workers, for example, are far more likely to choose the remote work option, while the “fresh blood” is looking to show off their qualities and meet new people in person. 

Now that we’ve got the taste of both working in-office and remotely, employers have another standard to meet in order to keep their employees happy. Will the same rules apply to all, or will there be options? How will monitoring employees’ productivity, satisfaction, and mental health be managed for those staying at home and those who choose not to? What scale would be most apt? How will the teams function with newcomers? How will the newcomers work well with the teams? Will they ever meet in person?

According to the Remote Work and Compensation Pulse Survey of May 2021, both employers and employees stated they would prefer to work remotely, i.e., 48%, while 44% of employees wanted hybrid working arrangements to be implemented. In addition, 51% of employers are in favor of the hybrid model, but only 5% of them would consider fully remote work as a possibility. 

Final Thoughts

Considering all above mentioned, the ideal approach is to create good organization and preparation. However, research clearly shows that whatever model is chosen, the productivity and well-being of employees depend on how well said model is implemented. 

Hybrid models and carefully “tailored” working conditions that respect both the employer’s goals and the employee’s needs are the only thing that will get organizations all over the globe through this pandemic’s aftermath.

content writing jobs los angeles

Interviews for content writing jobs in Los Angeles are a necessary component in your search for a quality job. They can become particularly challenging if you’re looking for a content writing jobs in Los Angeles , California, the center of the world, when it comes to both the creative industry and the digital market. 

Therefore, when the competition is so strong and abundant, every detail is important. People have very different approaches to job interviews which can make a lot of difference. For some, interviews offer an excellent opportunity to present their talents, connect to their interviewer personally, and charm their way into the next stage. For others, they are a source of great stress and discomfort.

Such a difference stems from the simple fact that for some people, social contact and communication are a pleasure, while for others, they are a nightmare. However, being a social person doesn’t guarantee success, just like being an introvert who doesn’t like direct conversations doesn’t imply failure. 

So, if the questions are already so complicated, how are we going to answer them? Simple. Job interviews for content writing are both easy and hard. Let’s inspect why.

Content Writing Jobs in Los Angeles

Why are job interviews for content writers in Los Angeles easy?

Simply because there are so many of them, when the market is as big as it is in California, you’re going to meet a lot of people. Even if you don’t get a job in one interview, you may meet or impress someone there that has a different opportunity for you.

When it comes to content writing jobs in Los Angeles, one couldn’t be in a better place. Every day more and more positions are opened, so you can always try again. There are also a ton of freelancers in the sunny city who are constantly riding free while searching for positions in a full-time or part-time capacity. Freelancing while searching for a job will take the pressure off and keep you afloat until you find a suitable arrangement for full-time employment.

Interviews also come easy if you know how to handle them. A writer who tells their story about their professional and personal development, experience, and competence, has already demonstrated their creativity and storytelling skills to their potential employer. Answer their questions directly and convince them that you can write engaging and original content, that you have experience in different areas of writing, and that you are pleasant to work with and can respond well to feedback.

If you present your case well, you’ll see the results quickly. Interviewers can appreciate people who know how to navigate social situations because that speaks volumes not only about your word-smith skills but also about how good you are in a social context.

Knowing how to answer their questions is a big part of why interviews may become an easy event for you. However, all extroverts should be careful. Being too talkative, sociable, or trying to get others to like you, may come off as unprofessional and send a message that you are not mature and reliable enough to work in a serious environment.

Why are interviews for content writer jobs in Los Angeles so hard?

The first reason can be the same as the above – simply because there are so many of them. Many positions, big industry, a plethora of different opportunities… It all implies huge competition. 

You’ll have to beat that competition on two grounds. The first is your skills as a writer. The second is your ability to handle the interview in an appropriate manner. There are some tricky questions in content writing interviews that are pretty hard to answer. For example, the interviewer may ask the question: “Content writing at times can be very monotonous. How are you going to avoid getting bored while creating content?” 

That is a very real struggle for every writer, and all of them have different ways of handling and dealing with the monotonous parts of writing. Furthermore, you can’t come up with someone else’s answer or be insincere. The interviewer will see right through you. 

You’ll have to be honest, sure, and precise when answering this and many other questions of similar nature that inspect your skills and approach to work. That’s not easy. But that’s a challenge that you’ll have to face all by yourself.

If you dread social situations and don’t like answering questions, interviews can become particularly unpleasant. In that case, all you can do is, prepare well. Practice so that you can relax and not sound too rehearsed and stiff. Embrace your quiet nature and learn how to present it as an advantage because it is an advantage just as much as being sociable is. That way, the situation will become more comfortable and less hard for all parties involved.


Content writing jobs in Los Angeles is a big market, and it offers a lot of opportunities but also a lot of opposition. There are armies of talented writers in all areas that are hunting for the same job. But, the market also constantly provides you with fresh opportunities. 

In the end, it all depends on how willing you are to strive for more experience, how versed you are in presenting your qualities, and how in touch you are with your own nature. You can make your interview easy, or you can make it hard. It’s all up to you. Ultimately there is plenty of content writing jobs in Los Angeles

sports writing jobs

Sports is a niche that many writers pursue as a primary area of focus so sports writing jobs seems the obvious career choice. Why? Because many writers are also passionate sports fans. Therefore, writing articles about their favorite topics isn’t work for them at all. 

Watching sports is inspiring, and there can be a lot of freedom in creating topics, points of discussion, comparisons, and stats analyses. So, choosing to be a sports-oriented freelance writer can be a very good decision if you like watching and talking about sports in your everyday life.

Now, all that’s left is to find good freelance sports writing positions to develop your portfolio and develop your style. The following five sources can help you land the sports writing job of your dreams.

1 Content Writing Jobs

This is a versatile job board with a lot of filtering options. If you choose the sports category and freelance type, there will always be interesting options to try and apply for. 

Also, you can choose to sign up for the email update about new positions posted on This neat perk will keep you informed about sport writing jobs from your selected categories. Maybe this job board is where you find your new favorite sports writing jobs.

2 Jooble

Jooble is a job ad client with a decent number of new job postings and very cool filters. You can select the date of posting, salary ranges, experience, level, location (with remote option available of course), and the type of employment (full-time, part-time, temporary). Furthermore, you’ll be able to subscribe and get emails on new job ads so that your pool of job opportunities always stays fresh.

The number of new positions that open up every week is satisfying, and there are sports writing jobs with open spots as we speak. Try Jooble, and maybe you will find what you were looking for there.

3 UpWork

It’s the most popular freelance job board. It has good filters, a worked-out model of employment and fees, and if you’re a freelance writer, you probably have a profile there already. UpWork is undoubtedly a good place to find sportswriting gigs as well. 

And if you find a good reliable client to write for, you’ll make a nice steady freelance arrangement for yourself. If you make more than 500 dollars with the same client on UpWork, the fees for your earnings drop from 20 to 10 percent. Therefore, with time, your UpWork earnings will get better. 

The feedback feature is another plus. Having your clients leave positive feedback that you can later use as a reference can do wonders for your future.

4 ProBlogger

The blog-oriented job board offers a plethora of sports blogs to choose from. Just type “sports” in the keywords section, and you’ll find a job that suits your tastes and your skills. ProBlogger is a perfect solution for starting your sportswriting because you can find many small-scale blogs to perfect your style.

You can also choose between full-time and part-time working models as well as apply for the ProBlogger courses. These courses are a great way to learn the basics of blogging but also get some intermediate and advanced lessons. There are free lessons available, so make sure you check them out. Your sports writing can always get better, and ProBlogger is a fine addition to your professional development.

5 Contena 

Contena is one of the most satisfactory platforms for freelance writers. Its main advantage is a thorough “writing job finder” that singles out the most promising writing gigs from all around the globe. Furthermore, the email notification system constantly alerts you to new projects that meet your selected criteria. 

Since Contena is constantly updated with new ads, whenever a sports writing project comes up, you’ll be the first to know. And if you’re interested in improving your writing, there’s the Contena Academy. Contena Academy is a course designed to help newbie freelance writers learn more about the craft and the business. If you go with the Contena Pro paid version, the Academy feature has a personalized Contena coach just for you.

This coach will work one-on-one and dedicate their program just to you. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in your sports writing by getting some personalized training.


Sports writing is one of the most engaging writing jobs you can find. It’s a great opportunity to make something you’ve always loved and enjoyed into a marketable resource. However, it doesn’t come without challenges.

Finding sports writing jobs that you’re satisfied with takes time and patience. Luckily, the digital market is full of perks and cool features to help you get matched with the project of your dreams.

Use one of these apps and job boards, and finding freelance sports writing jobs will become much easier. In fact, to always be informed about the latest gigs on the market, it’s probably best to use not just one but multiple sources from this list. 

Becoming a professional writer is all about practice and experience so in this article we try to help those starting out in the industry find the best freelance writing jobs for beginners. Every good writer has invested time to perfect their craft, develop their style, and learn about different niches and target groups. But to get to that stage, you need to start somewhere.

If you’re looking for a good starting point for your writing career, this list is going to help you get some quality entry-level jobs. We’re going to list five websites that are good for finding freelance writing jobs for beginners. Also, we’re going to explain features that you may find useful on those websites. Let’s dive into it.

1 UpWork

UpWork is a good starting point for beginner writers because it has a bunch of small entry-level jobs. Even though some of these freelance writing jobs for beginners pay as low as 5 dollars, every single job is valuable on UpWork. Why? Because with each completed project, your experience grows. But not only that. In fact, for every job well done, your profile will get 5-star feedback from clients, with a description of your work. 

Therefore, apart from practicing your writing and improving your communication skills with clients, your profile will grow in reputation and reach. It won’t be long until the employers are inviting you to work for them. 

However, to get there, you’ll need to be patient. Work on your cover letters and presentation skills. Also, if you don’t see success at first, don’t get discouraged. You may need to buy some extra “connects” in order to land that first gig. But after that, things get a lot smoother.

2 Content Writing Jobs 

This is a specialized job board for writers, and it offers a lot. Firstly, you can filter the work model you desire, from full-time, part-time, freelance, to remote or not. Secondly, you can choose to see only entry-level positions. And lastly, you’ll be able to select which area of work you want to be presented on the job board. 

This is a great feature because you can choose in what direction you practice your writing and gain experience. Some of the options available are copywriting, technical writing, editing, ghostwriting, lifestyle, beauty, and the list goes on. 

The number next to the category will tell you how many freelance writing jobs for beginners are open in that category at the moment. That can give you a nice insight into which positions are currently popular.

3 SolidGigs

SolidGigs is a fine job board that is paid monthly but doesn’t take anything out of your earned fees. In the beginning, that may seem like a bad deal because every beginner is thinking about their prospect in the industry. 

But over time, this feature may prove fruitful. When earning small fees, monthly subscriptions can be tedious. However, as your writing experience grows, so will your access to new clients. Your fees will change drastically, and you may find that not having ten or even 20 percent of your earnings cut by the job board is a very good deal. 

Another cool feature of SolidGigs is their selectiveness. This job board selects the best freelance jobs for your out of dozens of sites every week. After that, they post the best 1-2% of freelance options for their subscribers. It sounds like you would be getting your money’s worth.

4 ProBlogger

If you are dreaming of becoming a professional blog writer, this is where your career begins. ProBlogger has job opportunities both for newbies and experienced blog writers. But its specificity is what separates it from this list. By using ProBlogger, you know that all the freelance writing jobs for beginners that you find will be blog writing.

You won’t have to wander through dozens of ads that don’t interest you, and you’ll be able to focus on what’s the most important thing to you – blogging. Since blog writing is huge right now, and a good story creates a good brand, choosing it can be a very lucrative decision. And with ProBlogger, you’ll have a place to perfect your style.

5 Journalism Jobs

Another niche-specific job board that will help you develop your career in the direction that you want. If your goal is to build your skills in reporting and investigative writing, Journalism Jobs will help you find some freelance writing jobs for beginners in journalism.

This specificity will help you focus on the area that you love the most – journalism. However, the niche is huge, and you’ll still have a variety of choices – sports, lifestyle, education, pop culture, you name it. That’s a great opportunity to sharpen your creativity in different directions and build your journalism freelance career.


Every beginning is a challenge. But you have a lot of options when it comes to launching your writing career. All it takes is a little patience and good strategy. 

But these useful apps and well-thought-out job boards have taken care of a lot. It’s up to you to use them to your advantage. Hope this helps anyone looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners

Same day pay remote jobs are jobs that pay daily. These jobs can be an appealing arrangement for people who don’t want to work full-time and just need a little extra resources from time to time. 

Luckily, you can get jobs that pay on a daily basis as a remote worker too. Nowadays, you can become a remote worker that makes earnings every day, using only your laptop or smart device, in most cases. But what are the best jobs to look for if you’re interested in the same day pay remote jobs working model?

The list below will help you choose an occupation that can be a great daily source of income. Let’s dive into the list.

1 Survey sites

Survey sites are one of the simplest ways to make earnings daily. Working from your home, you’ll answer surveys, mostly for research purposes. 

You won’t make outstanding fees by filling out surveys, but it’s good pocket money for the day, and plenty of young people and students choose to get into survey sites to make some cash for a night out.

The most popular sites let you transfer your earnings instantly when you earn 5 dollars. Some of the survey sites that you can check out are Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, Toluna Influencers, and Swagbucks. Most of these survey sites let you transfer the money after making 5 dollars, while some let you do it after making 3 dollars.

2 Website testing

Website testing is one of the most popular same day pay remote jobs. This is a great way to make daily money because there is always a need for customers willing to test a new digital product. Creators of websites, apps, and games need someone who will test what they made and report back on their opinion. 

You will inspect the features of the site, see if there are any bugs and errors, and describe everything that you find good or bad about it. The job is easy, the money is quick, and it’s paid daily in many cases. 

Some of the most notable user testing clients are PlaytestCloud, UserCrowd, TryMyUI, and TestingTime. Most of these clients pay about 10 dollars for each test, so you can make decent pocket money for a small amount of time.

3 Transcription 

Transcription jobs consist of converting audio and video content into written content. Your job as a transcriptionist will be to listen to a given sound or videotape and record your transcription of it. 

A good platform for transcriptionists that are just starting out and are looking for entry-level engagements is Transcribe Me. This will be a good starting point if you’re interested in this line of freelancing. The job is easy, and you can get paid daily for it.

4 Freelance writing

You can make daily money as a writer, whether it is blogging or direct response copywriting. Write descriptions, labels, product advertisements, or longer content for different blogs and web pages. If you have a talent for written words, you can make great earnings from these same day pay remote jobs, and most of them do pay on a daily basis.

Furthermore, it is possible to find arrangements that will allow you to be paid upfront for your work so that you are always getting your fees on time. Just join job boards like UpWork or FlexJobs, and soon you’ll be discovering daily jobs that you can apply for.

5 Reddit

Reddit is an interesting way of hunting for same pay day remote jobs. Apart from being one of the most popular mega forums out there, Reddit is a great place to find employment. Subreddits like r/SlaveLabour are abundant with microtasks that you can perform on a daily basis and make quick earnings.

There’s a lot of room to apply your talents if you are a writer, graphic designer, or if you are skilled in using a computer and programming. It takes little skill to browse Reddit and find opportunities for small day-to-day projects.  

6 Translation

If you are speaking multiple languages, translation gigs are all over the internet. As a freelancer, you can choose to work on small projects. Translate small websites, short articles, or product descriptions, and make money for your daily needs.

Just visit the regular job boards with ads, filter translation gigs, and find a viable option. Be careful not to get stuck in long projects and tedious work. Remember that you’re trying to make daily fees as a freelancer.

Conclusion for Same Day Pay Remote Jobs

Freelancing isn’t only about long-term projects, committed professional relationships, and career-building. It’s also a great opportunity for doing things on the side and making easy money on a daily basis. 

People who are already employed elsewhere or students who don’t have time for regular working hours can use these methods and get daily fees that are useful for small pleasures. Using your talents like writing, taking photos, manipulating images, or programming, you can perform small tasks that don’t take up much time. 

However, they do enable you to afford something nice that you wouldn’t have money for otherwise. Answering surveys, testing games and websites, or transcribing and translating content is a great way to make the best out of your spare time. 

To join the world of digital writers, one needs to acquire sufficient experience to get interviews for remote writing jobs. However, many novice writers can get stuck in an endless loop. On the one hand, they are not able to get jobs because of their lack of experience. On the other hand, their expertise isn’t expanding due to the lack of jobs

However, there is a way to exit this loop. With proper strategy and information, you’ll acquire plenty of jobs to start your writing career. When it comes to already developed writers, the same rules apply to them as well. Therefore, what we are about to dive into can be useful for beginners and experienced writers alike.

What’s the right path when searching for remote writing jobs? These three simple steps will encapsulate everything you need, regardless of what stage your writing career is in.

1 Create an appealing portfolio

Creating an appealing writer’s portfolio is the first step to quality remote writing jobs. The success of your job application highly depends on your ability to present yourself in the right way. Even if you lack experience, you can still make your portfolio display your talents and the reasons why you are a viable candidate.

For example, you can point out things that you have done that highlight your writing talents. Your portfolio can be complemented by a cover letter that can be really useful for starting writers. Apart from representing your talents, willingness to learn, and enthusiasm, the letter will also display your writing skills. Make sure you use your portfolio to present your gifts, skills, your knowledge, and interests. Describe the soft skills that will make you a worthy candidate and a person that employers will be eager to cooperate with. 

When it comes to previous experience, always choose the most representative projects. Making a portfolio is a lot like writing a story about yourself. Make sure that you use the important chapters that display your merit. Displaying everything you’ve ever done can be underwhelming and create the impression that you’re stuffing your portfolio with anything that comes to mind.

2 Inspect Remote Writing Jobs boards

UpWork and FlexJobs are general freelance boards with plenty of opportunities for aspiring freelance writers. However, you can also join a series of entry-level or advanced-level writing jobs on specialized writing boards that deal exclusively with this area of remote work.

For example, Contena is a specialized job board for writers that offers an abundance of additional features that can help you launch your freelance writing career. ProBlogger is great for searching for freelance blogging projects, JournalismJobs is a website that posts ads for writers that want to work in journalism, and Moravia will supply you with a fresh selection of translating gigs.

Whichever area of work you want to try, there’s a job board to meet your expectations. With the right portfolio, you’ll land a job that can advance your career.

3 Take matters into your own hands

Sometimes, to land that dream job, it isn’t enough just to apply, send a portfolio, and a cover letter. Sometimes, you need to take special initiative. 

You can create your own blog, social media profile, or website that you will use as a platform to write about what you want. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to display your writing skills as well as your resourcefulness when it comes to developing your career. Furthermore, you can display it to potential employers or use these platforms to connect with other professionals from the same occupation. Ensuring you get the dream job might take more than just asking for it.

If there is a job that you want, you can also contact the employer, entrepreneur, or a company with a pitch about how you can help them with your services. This is called “cold pitching,” and it can work surprisingly well. 

The “cold pitch” consists of detecting a company that you want to join and detecting what fault it has. Perhaps it’s an aspect that they still haven’t developed. Maybe a certain service that they are providing isn’t on a level that it could or should be. This is where your social skills come into play. You need to convince the employer that they are lacking something truly important to their business and that you are exactly the person who can help with those shortcomings. 

Your pitch has to be precise and well thought out. It has to illustrate all the factors clearly and understandably. That being said, a cold pitch for a writing job has to have several components: 

  • Information on how you discovered their business
  • Information about you
  • Description of your services
  • Proof of your skills and experience – a writing sample with a portfolio

This proactive stance can make a good impression on many employers and give you more opportunities to seize the job that you’ve been dreaming about.


There are a lot of ways of finding remote writing jobs as a freelancer. However, that doesn’t mean that employment comes easily. You’ll have to work hard to create an appealing, professional image, constantly search for adequate opportunities, and learn how to take initiative. 

With the right information and hard work, your writing career has a good chance of being a great success.

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