What is a Virtual Assistant?

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If you’ve been exploring the virtual assistant remote job market, you have most likely discovered one of the most popular remote jobs you can apply for – virtual assistance. This form of service became popular in the past few years, and its popularity hasn’t dropped since. This article will inspect how this job became so popular, what is the appeal of virtual assistance, and what duties a virtual assistant performs daily. 

Information about virtual assistants can be beneficial to you if you’re interested in starting a career in this field or employing a virtual assistant for your business. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is an independent professional hired to provide administrative services full-time or part-time while operating remotely. Virtual assistants do everything that an assistant position implies. They organize schedules, correspond with clients, and take care of their employer’s professional daily needs.

However, if a virtual assistant does everything a regular assistant does as well, how is this position any different? Furthermore, one could ask themselves, why does this position even exist? Therefore, let’s try and explain what virtual assistance is about and what the reasons for this job’s recent popularity are.

Why does virtual assistance exist, and what is its appeal?

Virtual assistance became popular when a great number of companies switched to the remote or the semi-remote model. This transition was initiated by huge technological breakthroughs with smart communication devices, networks, and apps. But the real change happened in 2019 when the pandemic catalyzed the implementation of remote work worldwide. After that, entire enterprises strived to organize and execute their work through digital platforms. 

Corporations started existing mainly in a digital space, and so virtual assistants became necessary to organize their work within that digital space. However, the digital transformation also enabled companies to outsource all of their services for which they don’t need full-time employees. This approach was cheaper and more practical, and it has created a completely new line of work – independent virtual assistants.

These freelancing professionals can now be hired to handle administrative tasks for the company in different capacities – full-time, part-time, or anything in between. Also, these arrangements can be very beneficial for both parties. 

On the one hand, the company doesn’t have to go through a long and tiresome process of selection and elimination of countless candidates. Instead, they can find a recommended professional through an agency or a digital job board. This professional is going to step in and provide the service without any holdups. On the other hand, the assistants can make several arrangements with different companies, organize their working and personal time, and experience more individual freedom. The fees of virtual assistants should not be underestimated. Their average base salary is $20.25 per hour.

What are the duties of a virtual assistant?

The duties of a virtual assistant revolve around the organization of schedules, corresponding with clients, employers, colleagues, and customers, as well as keeping and arranging various data.

Their organization duties involve arranging schedules and making appointments, organizing files and documents, ordering supplies, keeping books, managing billings, and making travel arrangements.

Their corresponding duties involve answering, monitoring, and organizing emails and making and answering phone calls. An important part of corresponding tasks is also providing customer support, writing reports and statements, and answering questions from relevant parties.

The data entry component of this job involves keeping and transcribing documents, creating and maintaining records, and doing research for content if needed.

Performing these duties doesn’t require any formal education or training. However, being a successful virtual assistant is far from easy. Let’s discuss what requirements one has to meet to be a desirable candidate for the virtual assistant position.

What are virtual assistants like?

A virtual assistant must be capable of using technology efficiently and have a wide skillset for using computers, smart devices, and software. Virtual organization, scheduling, correspondence, and data entry are impossible without advanced knowledge of various apps – document creating and transcription apps, timetable apps, communication apps, organization sheets, and presentation software. 

A virtual assistant who focuses on bookkeeping tasks should be proficient at basic accounting assignments, such as double-entry bookkeeping. Successful completion of these assignments also depends on knowing how to use the appropriate software.

Apart from technical skills, a virtual assistant is capable of using spoken and written language and has good social skills. Personality traits that suit this occupation are diligence, conscientiousness, orderliness, and punctuality.


Virtual assistant jobs aren’t popular without reason. The need for virtual assistance comes as a result of technological advancement and so many aspects of life being transferred into a digital sphere. Therefore, various companies see the appeal in employing remote professionals to take care of their schedules and daily obligations.

The perks of being a virtual assistant are personal freedom, choice of clients, and variability of arrangements. However, this occupation also comes with certain requirements and responsibilities. If you are an orderly person who loves keeping things in check and if you have the necessary skills and characteristics, this job could be your opportunity to join the digital world of the modern era.