6 of the Best Paying Remote Jobs

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Remote jobs bring a lot to the table. Workers themselves have been vocal about how much freedom the remote model brings. In fact, a survey executed by the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago has shown that 10 thousand employees felt like they were just as effective working remotely compared to their office hours.

However, the main appeal of this working model is the same as with most other remote jobs – the financial aspect. So if you are looking for a work-from-home job that will bring all of the benefits of working remotely and provide you with steady pay, this list can help you find out which way to go.

So, let’s dive into which remote positions bring the best annual base salaries without further ado. Get into one of these careers, and you are more likely to see financial success:

1 Data Scientist

Working assignments of a data scientist include processing data. Since data processing requires work only on a computer, it has become one of the prominent remote jobs. 

Usually, data processing for a company in any field is done by someone who already knows how things work within that field. That means that a data scientist is most likely a person who has the experience and educational background that suits the company’s needs.

Therefore, it won’t be easy to get a job in such a position, but the numbers are very satisfying if you do. On average, data scientists make about 95 thousand dollars annually. 

2 Project Manager

Project managers are an essential link in the chain of command within virtually any business. Their job is to correspond with multiple work teams and assign their duties and deadlines. Everyone included in a project has to coordinate their assignments with the help of a project manager. 

Usually, a project manager’s duties include managing timelines, controlling budgets, and monitoring the quality of work, while at the same time micro-managing daily assignments of their teams.

Since all of these responsibilities can be done from a distance, project management has become very popular as a work-from-home job. In addition, project managers are rewarded with annual pay of around 90 thousand dollars for these rather difficult tasks.

3 Software Engineer Remote Jobs

Software development remains a steady field because new technologies are constantly being developed. From large machines to small computers and funny apps, there are many opportunities if you have viable skills as a software engineer.

Because software engineers are so wanted on the job market, they receive a lot of freedom from their employers when it comes to arranging their work assignments and hours. 

Nowadays, most software engineers are working remotely, and on top of that, their base salaries are incredible. Annually, they make about 90 thousand dollars, but with experience, these numbers grow up to 120 thousand, making software engineers one of the highest-paid remote workers out there.

4 Digital Marketing Manager

Anything concerning digital marketing is highly appealing these days. With the rise of social media, marketing through digital platforms has become one of the most lucrative businesses you can get into.

It includes quite a bit of creativity, finding ways of placing products via digital platforms, and a lot of science, with IT (especially SEO or Search Engine Optimisation), psychology, and economics. In addition, these companies use quite a lot of knowledge to find new ways to attract more people to various merchandise via social media.

Social media managers receive a base annual salary of around 70 thousand dollars for their innovation, creativity, and diligence. However, these numbers can go a lot higher if you make a breakthrough in the market.

5 Technical Writer

Technical writers can either be specialized in a specific area or work as content creators for various purposes. The most frequently seen specialized technical writers are medical writers – professionals with an educational background in medical sciences who are employed to create technical content for various medical purposes. Most likely, this content revolves around descriptions of pharmaceuticals, their effects or side effects, and the statistics that come with that.

On the other hand, general content creators can earn outstanding numbers in certain positions. The most lucrative ones are always connected to digital marketing. One of these is a direct response copywriter. These professionals create advertisements and other written content to create more leads (responses to an ad) for various businesses.

Annual salaries of writers range from 60 thousand all the way up to 150 thousand dollars yearly. The numbers vary so much because this area of work is very much affected by the worker’s skill and portfolio.

6 Web Designer

Another position that has switched to the remote model rather quickly in the past couple of years. Web designers are responsible for creating a visual design for a website. 

The visual design greatly affects how successful a website is in communicating to the customers/audience, so that a good web designer can make a lot of difference. They are the ones that make websites user-friendly and appealing, thus increasing the chances of the target groups reaching the website and using it in the way the employer has intended.

For their talents, web designers make about 50 thousand dollars. These numbers may be lower than some others on this list. However, web design is much easier to get into compared to some of the other positions on the list. 

As a web designer, you’ll be able to be a part of the IT industry without learning complex programming codes. That makes this job earn its place on this list.

Remote Jobs Conclusion

The remote jobs market is vast, and with the fast-paced development in the digital field, there surely is something for everyone. However, if you have prioritized the financial aspect above all else, this would be a great list of opportunities to set you on the right path to achieving the profit you desire. 

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