The 3 Best Ways to Get Remote Writing Jobs in 2022?

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To join the world of digital writers, one needs to acquire sufficient experience to get interviews for remote writing jobs. However, many novice writers can get stuck in an endless loop. On the one hand, they are not able to get jobs because of their lack of experience. On the other hand, their expertise isn’t expanding due to the lack of jobs

However, there is a way to exit this loop. With proper strategy and information, you’ll acquire plenty of jobs to start your writing career. When it comes to already developed writers, the same rules apply to them as well. Therefore, what we are about to dive into can be useful for beginners and experienced writers alike.

What’s the right path when searching for remote writing jobs? These three simple steps will encapsulate everything you need, regardless of what stage your writing career is in.

1 Create an appealing portfolio

Creating an appealing writer’s portfolio is the first step to quality remote writing jobs. The success of your job application highly depends on your ability to present yourself in the right way. Even if you lack experience, you can still make your portfolio display your talents and the reasons why you are a viable candidate.

For example, you can point out things that you have done that highlight your writing talents. Your portfolio can be complemented by a cover letter that can be really useful for starting writers. Apart from representing your talents, willingness to learn, and enthusiasm, the letter will also display your writing skills. Make sure you use your portfolio to present your gifts, skills, your knowledge, and interests. Describe the soft skills that will make you a worthy candidate and a person that employers will be eager to cooperate with. 

When it comes to previous experience, always choose the most representative projects. Making a portfolio is a lot like writing a story about yourself. Make sure that you use the important chapters that display your merit. Displaying everything you’ve ever done can be underwhelming and create the impression that you’re stuffing your portfolio with anything that comes to mind.

2 Inspect Remote Writing Jobs boards

UpWork and FlexJobs are general freelance boards with plenty of opportunities for aspiring freelance writers. However, you can also join a series of entry-level or advanced-level writing jobs on specialized writing boards that deal exclusively with this area of remote work.

For example, Contena is a specialized job board for writers that offers an abundance of additional features that can help you launch your freelance writing career. ProBlogger is great for searching for freelance blogging projects, JournalismJobs is a website that posts ads for writers that want to work in journalism, and Moravia will supply you with a fresh selection of translating gigs.

Whichever area of work you want to try, there’s a job board to meet your expectations. With the right portfolio, you’ll land a job that can advance your career.

3 Take matters into your own hands

Sometimes, to land that dream job, it isn’t enough just to apply, send a portfolio, and a cover letter. Sometimes, you need to take special initiative. 

You can create your own blog, social media profile, or website that you will use as a platform to write about what you want. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to display your writing skills as well as your resourcefulness when it comes to developing your career. Furthermore, you can display it to potential employers or use these platforms to connect with other professionals from the same occupation. Ensuring you get the dream job might take more than just asking for it.

If there is a job that you want, you can also contact the employer, entrepreneur, or a company with a pitch about how you can help them with your services. This is called “cold pitching,” and it can work surprisingly well. 

The “cold pitch” consists of detecting a company that you want to join and detecting what fault it has. Perhaps it’s an aspect that they still haven’t developed. Maybe a certain service that they are providing isn’t on a level that it could or should be. This is where your social skills come into play. You need to convince the employer that they are lacking something truly important to their business and that you are exactly the person who can help with those shortcomings. 

Your pitch has to be precise and well thought out. It has to illustrate all the factors clearly and understandably. That being said, a cold pitch for a writing job has to have several components: 

  • Information on how you discovered their business
  • Information about you
  • Description of your services
  • Proof of your skills and experience – a writing sample with a portfolio

This proactive stance can make a good impression on many employers and give you more opportunities to seize the job that you’ve been dreaming about.


There are a lot of ways of finding remote writing jobs as a freelancer. However, that doesn’t mean that employment comes easily. You’ll have to work hard to create an appealing, professional image, constantly search for adequate opportunities, and learn how to take initiative. 

With the right information and hard work, your writing career has a good chance of being a great success.