5 Reasons why Virtual Assistant Moms are the Best

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A new workforce of virtual assistant moms has sprung up in recent times. I’m well beyond child-bearing years and those of you who really know me, know I have step-kids that are independent adults with kids of their own. I LOVE being a grandma who gets to spoil her grandkids! But, as all grandparents know, the beauty of it is giving them back to their parents at the end of the day. 

Yet, I imagine that with the way the country is right now, parents are feeling extra appreciation and relief when grandparents (or any healthy family and friends they trust) offer to take the kids for a few hours. I don’t envy those who are parents right now, especially working parents, and especially moms. You all have my admiration!

Across the country, families’ lives (and incomes) have been turned upside down and inside out due to the impact of COVID-19. It has upset routines for the entire family. Children who once had been attending childcare centers or schools are now home at all hours and being home-schooled, too. 

What is motivating moms to become Virtual Assistants?

Social constructs still place the majority of child rearing and household responsibilities on the mother. Moms are coping with their own careers, homeschooling, and all the other duties moms perform for their families everyday. Mom life during this pandemic is ridiculously challenging and complex. (And I can’t even imagine the life of a single mom with no additional support.) 

Yet, we also live in a time and place where most households require two incomes and where women want thriving careers and opportunity.   

So, what’s a mom to do right now? 

She may have been laid off. Her hours may have been cut. She may have had to leave her job altogether or decided not to go back (depending on her industry and potential health concerns). 

But she wants to or needs to work. And she also needs to consider her children at home. 

Moms are exploring the Virtual Assistant career path so they can make it all work and still feel like they’re thriving. For a wannabe virtual assitant moms it’s a new opportunity to have it all. 

Why is the VA track a popular choice for moms?

The moms exploring my program are women who have years worth of formal education or experience in a variety of professional fields and industries. They don’t want all of their hard work, training, and experience to be for nothing. They wonder what skills they have already acquired and sharpened that can be leveraged into VA services business owners are willing to pay for. 

Running a virtual assistant moms business out of the home, keeps moms exactly where they need to be for now (because of COVID) and also allows them to stay at home (even after this crisis is over). 

Working from home and for themselves offers the flexibility in scheduling they need to also wear their mom hat. They can create their own schedule around what works best for their families, allowing for the time and space to adapt to their children’s evolving school schedules or personal needs. 

In the virtual assistant moms world, the VA sets their own rates. While there are some industry standards or averages to work from, extremely experienced career women can start their hourly rate a little higher depending on what services they are offering. 

Regardless of the rate you begin at, you most likely will experience what many of the moms in my community have: They are making more money as a virtual assistant moms than they did in a traditional job. So if one of the main motivations for choosing this path is finances, there is money to be earned for Virtual Assistant moms. 

For mothers in my community who became virtual assistant moms before COVID, they chose VA life because they wanted a better balance between being a professional and being a parent. They didn’t want to miss out on their kids’ dance recitals and soccer games because they had to abide by long work hours and corporate schedules. They also didn’t want to give up a part of themselves, finding fulfillment and a level of identity from their virtual assistant moms careers. 

To sum it all up, becoming a VA is popular for moms now (and always) because it allows them to use their education and training, leverage their experience, have flexible schedules, still earn an income, and be both a parent and professional in harmony. 

How do virtual assistant moms navigate these dual roles? 

Working in the virtual assistant moms space still means working and, therefore, having to wear two hats. But moms in my community have figured out how to navigate this terrain. I recently polled them to better understand these dual roles they play as parent and business owner. I asked them to share their challenges about motherhood and entrepreneurship. 

There was an outpouring of response and I felt both proud to know these incredible, strong, resilient women and also sad to read about their struggles figuring how to honor or protect their own identities in the face of parenting and contributing to the household income. 

I found these short stories incredibly powerful. I am sharing them (paraphrasing and keeping their anonymity) in case they may resonate with any working moms reading this article:

  • I became a stay-at-home mom in 2010. I was working on my education and half-assing starting a business. I eventually forgot who I was, getting so caught up in obtaining my degree, raising kids, managing the house. In the past year and a half since becoming a VA, I have been redefining myself for me. Who I am, what I want. What career I want. It’s been a wild ride so far but the kids are adjusting (they have no choice) and my husband has been supportive. I have my time again, my life, my interests that are my own. I get to grow every day. Your program really spurred the transition. It helped me to focus on seriously building my business. It helped me to focus and actually schedule my time accordingly. Your program helped rekindle old passions for leadership and to move me out of my own way. I now remember that I love myself, my dreams, my goals, and my passions. -Jennifer 
  • Separating the mom from the businesswoman, while working from home, takes work and mindset shifting, but it’s achievable…You have to take things in small bites and be flexible and give yourself grace. I had to learn to let go of guilt if the kitchen didn’t get cleaned a few days or if the laundry was pushed to the end of the week… Learning to let go of the idea that I HAD to do everything because ‘no one else does it like I do’ was the most freeing. -Erica
  • Working from home due to the pandemic gave me more time with my girl and allowed me to work more on my business (even while working long days for my JOB) because I was home. I’m finally finding my true identity. The personal journey I went on in 2018 helped me grow my mindset so that I finally truly believed in myself enough to take on this VA business. When I was only working my miserable JOB, I was missing out on mom life and feeling hopeless and stuck. Now I am ready to fly. -Melissa 

How do moms get started?

If you’re a mom, or know one, interested in exploring becoming a Virtual Assistant then my recommendations would be to connect with Virtual Assistants in your online networks and ask them about their experience. A perfect way to do this is to join my free and public Facebook Community and post your questions right into the group. 

The next thing would be to do your research. There are a ton of resources about life as a Virtual Assistant. Just Googling the word ‘virtual assistant moms’ will give you an overwhelming amount of information but I would suggest you start with my blog or YouTube channel. I’ve got information and insight on choosing this path for days. 

I find that moms, because they are good at assessing situations, need a lot of information before they make a decision. So read, ask questions, get to know people who are already working as a VA, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally.

One last thing:  

KUDOS to moms and mompreneurs who juggle life and work and kids and do it with grace, flair, hope, and resilience. You inspire me. 

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