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Executive Writer

JollySEO Contract  Anywhere 13 Jul 2022

Job Description

We provide a niche SEO service building editorial links for clients. If you don’t know what that means, that’s okay… because we do this through top tier writing.

What’s mission critical is that you excel at writing, especially for industry experts & C Suite executives.

To qualify for this gig, please watch this 1:53 video and read this entire ad carefully for us to consider your application. There’s a 30-second quiz to be considered, and the answer is in both this text ad & video:

You must be interested in the following:

Writing for CEOs, CMOs, industry experts, etc.
For every single account with us, you must write as an industry expert or a C-Suite executive.

So, you must be interested and experienced in writing about:
Business: sales, marketing, management; or,
Health & wellness: from the perspective of MDs, chefs, fitness coaches, lifestyle bloggers; or,
Tech: as a CTO, developer, consultant; or,
Finance: from a trader, investor, or entrepreneur.
Piecework + performance-based compensation equating to $35-$60+/hour.

This is not an hourly-pay gig, but to frame expectations, if you’re a pro, you can earn $60+/hour. ~10 of our writers are at this level. Some take 1 month to get here, some take 3 months to get here. Some never get here.

Again, pay is piecework + performance, based on defined criteria.

Before the paid trial, qualified applicants will receive a detailed text explanation of compensation.

Initial training, as well as ongoing feedback and guidance to ensure your performance improves over time. It’s in both of our best interest to make you efficient.

To apply:

You must submit 2-3 samples of quality content (not DR copy) – bylined or ghostwritten. Preferred niches: business, internet marketing, SEO, marketing, technology, finance, lifestyle.

This is the quiz part. In the form linked below, in the field where you list your weekday availability, also write what our average DR is for wins from this service – this data is on our service page.

Have a weekly availability of 10+ hours on business weekdays. Can grow after proven success.

Again Pt. 1: This is not an hourly gig. We require writers on the team to secure at least 10 links per month, ideally 15+.
Why? Because otherwise all of our resources invested into coaching you doesn’t deliver an ROI for the company – maths at work.

Again Pt. 2: Monday through Friday availability, starting around 10 hours a week with opportunities for growth.
But, if you don’t pitch every other day and exceed weekly pitch minimums, you will not hit monthly placement goals. We will lose revenue short-term, and clients + revenue long-term.

If you are a professional who writes authoritative content with daily weekday availability, ready to join our team and earn at least 10 links per month, and excited to add a new skill to your wheelhouse, please, fill out this 6-question form:

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