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17 May 2024

Full-Time Direct Response Copywriter

Tried and True Media – Posted by animatedjobs United States

Job Description

Tried and True Media (TNT) is a digital direct response agency in the health/wellness/beauty space who has generated over $1.2B in sales for our clients. We’re hunting the globe for talented senior direct response copywriters who specialize in high-converting video ad scripts for VSL funnels as well as writing new leads for VSLs. You’ll join a kick-ass team of performance managers, media buyers, creative producers and video editors who share a common goal – generate clicks that convert into high ROAS sales that scale client spend. Why join TNT? Because every copywriter knows more reps = more learnings = better results. At TNT, you get a lot of reps writing video ad scripts as well as leads, CTAs, closes, etc. for client VSLs. Iron sharpens iron.

So, if you want to master direct response copywriting/scripting skills, and…

  • You have a knack for crafting compelling story-driven copy that gets results…

  • You combine logic and emotion to sequence scripts for maximum persuasive impact…

  • You’re extremely analytical and love sifting through data to find the signal in the noise…

  • You thrive in a highly collaborative team environment of other high performers…

  • And you’re extremely organized with tasks and deliver quality copy on time and on spec…

… then please keep reading as you may be the perfect fit.

What are the Key Points?

  • Junior Writers Core Compensation: $72,000 – $168,000 (base + performance bonus)

  • Senior Writers Core Compensation: $96,000 – $240,000 (base + performance bonus)

  • Location: 100% Remote (global team of 60+ with no corporate office)

  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET (UTC-5, New York, to standardize our rhythms)

  • Culture: Good Humans Obsessed with Winning for our Clients

  • #1 Objective: Write Breakthrough Video Ad Scripts and VSL Leads that Win

Who Will You Report Into?

Hello, my name is Tom Clayson, Creative Performance Director and lead copywriter at TNT, and I need your help. I joined TNT as a junior copywriter when the team was just me and two other writers and have since progressed from junior copywriter to performance manager, to senior copywriter, to now leading an industry-beating team of copywriters and video editors. It’s not been an easy journey, but the training and support I received, the easy access to my ads’ performance data, and the hundreds of reps writing video scripts forged me into the writer I am today.

It was one thing to get better by studying the art and science of copywriting when I was just getting started… but nothing collapsed time and progressed my skills to the next level faster than the thrilling, yet humbling, experience of testing dozens of my scripts a month in the cold traffic arena where only the fittest survive.

And that’s where you come in. TNT has grown beyond our wildest dreams with over 9 figures in annual ad spend under management. But we’re only getting started. To sustain that growth, we need a crack team of direct response copywriters who can lead their teams into battle and win, deliver quality under pressure, love being surrounded by creative talent… and who aspire to progress as rapidly as possible in their careers.

What’s the Ideal Candidate’s Background?

The ideal candidate has been writing video ad scripts for VSL funnels for at least a year for paid social (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) or YouTube either for an agency, brand or as a freelancer. You’ve also had significant experience writing/testing various VSL components – particularly leads and closes. Ideally, you also have experience writing for supplements, health and/or beauty products. And you’re able to work our standardized hours of 8:30 – 5:30 p.m. ET (UTC-5, New York), regardless of where you live – important so we’re all in the same rhythm and work efficiently.

More importantly… you live and breathe copy, obsessively spending time breaking down winners and losers to gain key insights, truly love the grind of perfecting a piece of copy until it sings… and passionately study the art and science of direct response copy on your own time, because, quite frankly, you simply cannot get enough of this stuff.

You love working in a team environment with other high-caliber creatives. You love to share insights, brainstorm hypotheses, run experiments, collaboratively deconstruct winners and losers and methodically create winner after winner, virtually high-fiving each other along the way.

What’s It Like Working at TNT?

I’ve gone to great lengths to set up a culture that supports the creative freedom, skill progression and handsome compensation that senior copywriters deserve. Moreover, we’re extremely heavily focused on collaboration and teamwork to ensure we have proper coverage across all our clients.

For example, we’ve structured our teams into cells, each of which has a portfolio of clients its assigned. Each cell is comprised of a performance manager, media buyer, creative producer, junior and senior copywriters, and video editors. Every is focused on the single goal of helping clients hit their spend and ROAS targets. Senior writers have a primary cell they work in but will be called in to write new ads for offers outside their cell as well.

Regardless of what cell you’re in, everyone benefits from the following:

  • Access to Data – Access to the same performance data as everyone else so you can instantly see how your creative performs, detect patterns and gain insights.

  • Shared Learnings – Participation in our weekly Best Ads call wherein we review the top performers to see what’s working, or not, for everyone else, accelerating your learning.

  • Clear Feedback / Mentoring – You’ll be given clear feedback on your scripts and routine mentoring sessions to ensure you continually upskill and develop your craft.

  • Subject Variety – You’ll be given a huge variety of subject matter to write about, with a mix of clients who have a mix of offers in your assigned cell, rotating to other cells over time.

  • Career Progression – Your success determines how fast your income progresses… there is no mandated bureaucratic waiting period; only success matters. Prove yourself and your skills and, as the need arises as the agency grows, you could be next in line to jump into a more senior role.

You’ll often be given ideas to flesh out by myself or the performance manager in your cell. However, the most important part of your role will be to come up with new ideas and angles. From there it’s your choice whether to grind them out into a perfected script yourself or assign them to one of your junior writers and approve the final script. Either way, the goal is always to savor the moment when the stats are revealed showing your handywork was a winner…priceless.

What Will You Be Responsible for?

There are two major types of writing you’ll be asked to do:

First is writing full video ad scripts for clients’ offers. This will be 90% of the writing you do in an average week. The scripts could be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 5 minutes. Each script will include at least 5-6 different hooks, which will be tested to see what delivers the best ROAS.

Second, is writing or rewriting leads, closes and other key elements for our clients’ VSLs. This responsibility helps you develop your long form copy skills and puts you into a position to increase your compensation even further.

How Will Your Time Be Spent?

While any given week can vary based on client demands, here’s roughly how it shakes out:

  • 40% writing scripts (increasing to 60% in ~3 months)

  • 20% providing feedback to video editors (decreasing to 0% in ~3 months)

  • 20% on calls or in Slack strategizing, analyzing, brainstorming, getting feedback, mentoring or being mentored

  • 20% for research and resource gathering to prepare to write

Within 3 months, 60% of your time will be spent doing what you love – writing copy!

How Does Compensation Work?

All copywriters who join TNT go through a maximum 2-month “launchpad” period wherein your skills are developed, and your performance is measured to ensure there is a good fit.

During this launchpad period, compensation is set at a fixed retainer of $8,000 USD per month. Once you graduate from the launchpad, your compensation is upgraded as follows:

  • $6,000 / month base retainer + $5,500 – $7,500 / month (at current typical client ad spend levels) in agency performance bonuses

  • So, as we grow ad spend for our clients, your income grows too

  • Copywriters who make it past the launchpad can expect to make $72,000 – $162,000


  • Minimum 2 years of Health & Wellness Copywriting Experience – This is a must. We are looking for at least two FULL years of experience writing copy for brands in the health and wellness space (think supplements, beauty, fitness products, etc.)

  • VSL Writing Experience – Exposure writing leads, CTAs, closes and other high-leverage VSL elements that move the needle on conversion rate and AOV

  •  English Speaker – You have excellent English skills, with top-notch speaking and (of course) writing abilities.

  • Passionate About Copy – In total awe of and in love with copywriting, appreciating the genius in it, obsessing over every word, phrase, sentence and paragraph

  • Constant Upskilling – Relentlessly works to improve copywriting abilities, studying courses, mentoring with senior writers, deconstructing ads, etc. all to perfect your craft

  • Ownership Mindset – Takes extreme pride in submitting high-quality work that’s on time, on spec, been double checked, meetings all compliance guidelines, etc.

  • Contributes Ideas – Ability to formulate strong ideas and articulate them easily and clearly to others to get feedback and make the ideas even stronger

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