How to Quit Your Job and Work From Home?

Posted by | 05/05/2022 | Work from Home Jobs

The last three years have brought drastic changes to our lifestyle in almost every conceivable aspect of life like allowing professionals to work from home. The way we perceive work and organize our lives around it is one of the most palpable changes since the pandemic made the digital world expand even faster. Thus, working remotely has become something that many people strive for and will not compromise about.

Some are even prepared to introduce drastic changes into their own life – quit their current careers and switch to a remote one. One could call this a risky move, but if today’s job market is thoroughly examined, it may not be the case. After all, some of the most satisfying jobs to work at nowadays include remote careers. 

It would seem that the pandemic has changed our perspective and our priorities. People have discovered that their fees aren’t the crucial factor in their satisfaction. More money doesn’t mean that much if one doesn’t have the time to enjoy it, share their life with their family, and reduce stress in the workplace. Therefore, if you are among those who are contemplating such a change, you may not be in the wrong. 

But, every transition takes careful planning and some important choices. That’s why we’ve prepared a set of tips to help you come through it safely and reach a satisfying goal.

1 Search Before you Quit

Giving up a job or even a whole career isn’t easy. Sometimes, a lot of time passes between the two engagements, which puts pressure on you to perform well on your tests and interviews. So that’s a critical factor to take into consideration.

Going to an interview as an unemployed person who must get a job in order to further their career and secure their well-being is a starting disadvantage. Instead, you should go to an interview as an employed person trying to find a better place for yourself because you have outgrown your current arrangement. Therefore, quitting your job before finding a viable replacement solution would be a bad idea.

How does one search for work from home jobs? Well, it’s easier than you might think because multiple online clients for that are now at your service. These online clients serve as a mediator between you and your future employers. Let’s go over the list of the most popular remote job searchers.

2 Remote Job Searchers with Great Results

These clients can be found on every recommendation list out there. They offer a great variety of solutions and help you find the optimal working model for you. Using these, you’ll be able to find positions for any working model – freelance, part-time, or full-time remote model.

We Work Remotely

We work remotely is an online board that will help you search for remote positions worldwide. Their quality service is constantly being updated and is simple to use. Search jobs by title or skill and you’ll get results that will connect you to an employer. It also works both ways. Employers can find the talent they need using this board by paying a 200$ monthly fee.


FlexJobs has made a great record of connecting nearly five thousand companies with employees of all profiles. You’ll find whatever arrangement you like using this client, and their motto says it all – to provide you with a “job that fits into your life, not a life that fits into a job!”


This huge client will enable you to find a remote position by filling the “where” field with the “remote” option. There’s also an option of updating your resume in order to increase your “reach” and get more employers to find your profile online.

Remote OK

Remote OK is a great client because it provides a lot of information daily. You’ll get a fresh list of remote employment opportunities every day. Also, you’ll get an email notification when new jobs in your listed category are posted on the board. Remote OK is mostly used for employment in the digital categories, but it also promotes job options in other areas.


Upwork is one of the most well-known clients for freelancers. It represents a community for both employers and employment seekers and allows businesses to advertise freelance projects and assignments. The employees can answer an ad, respond to the provided questions/assignments, and get hired. The biggest upside of Upwork is that your freelance profile will grow in reach and opportunities in no time. Therefore, you’ll be able to get lots of experience for your future career. The downside is the fees for every assignment that you complete and get paid for. 

3 Assess Your Needs

Work from home offers an astonishing amount of options, but you may have to take an initial pay cut in order to get more personal space. Therefore, you should make a good calculation and assess your needs. It would be pointless if you felt like you’ve just made a step back in your career by switching to a remote job.

The new position has to be worth the change, either for its flexibility and freedom or for providing you with the work that you love. After that, you are in a very good position to enjoy this positive change in your career. After all, if you secure a job with quality prospects, your earnings stand to be higher soon.

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