How much do Virtual Assistant Jobs Pay?

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Virtual Assistant jobs has become a commonly sought-after remote career. Apart from providing a lot of personal freedom and a chance for people to organize their own working schedule, the job is appealing because it can be very lucrative. That’s why being a virtual assistant is one of the favorite areas of employment among freelancers and remote workers.

However, do all virtual assistants make a lot of money? And do high earnings come instantly? This article will help you discover everything you need to know about the wages and opportunities that lie in virtual assistant jobs.

What’s the average pay of virtual assistant jobs compared to other professions?

The average hourly pay of a virtual assistant jobs is around 21 dollars. So let’s compare that to other common remote positions and analyze how profitable a career as a virtual assistant is. 

The average hourly pay of an HR manager is 22 dollars. Compared to the average fees of virtual assistant jobs, an HR manager earns slightly more, but the position of HR manager comes with much higher requirements. Being a virtual assistant requires no formal education. The duties of a virtual assistant can be done with a passed training course or even without it. On the other hand, an HR manager has to have a Bachelor’s degree in human resources management or equivalent and is usually required to have some previous experience. Therefore, the hourly rate of virtual assistant jobs is the winner of this comparison.

Our second comparison is between a virtual assistant jobs and accountant positions, another common remote position. The average hourly pay of an accountant is around 30 dollars. The accountants clearly win this comparison with the bonuses, plenty of opportunities, and a steady position. However, becoming an accountant with steady employment is much harder, but the payoff is equivalent.

Finally, let’s compare virtual assistants and tutors, one of the most popular remote jobs, with 350 thousand people in the U.S.A. employed as tutors. Private tutors make about 25 dollars per hour, but professors and experienced professionals can make up to 60 dollars an hour. If we compare the salaries of experienced tutors, the difference is gigantic. However, becoming a tutor with references for such a high fee isn’t easy, and teachers mostly charge these fees with serious educational backgrounds. Therefore, tutoring holds a slight edge over a virtual assistant career.

All in all, some other remote positions have better pay, but becoming a remote virtual assistant is a lot easier and requires less formal education and training. Therefore, virtual assistant roles can be a better choice for an entry-level remote job, but for more experienced and proficient individuals, there are more profitable occupations.

Do all virtual assistants make the same money?

Not by a long shot. Your salary as a virtual assistant depends on your experience, arrangements, and working models. Therefore, you’ll find professionals with very different wages, depending on whether they are full-time or part-time, whether they are independent freelancers, working for an agency, or leading their own agency. 

Furthermore, the fees of virtual assistants very much depend on where their clients are located. Cities in California such as San Francisco, Fremont, and Oakland are much more profitable for virtual assistants since companies in these areas pay hourly wages of up to 40 dollars. Scoring a job with a similar wage from a remote location with fewer expenses can be an amazing career move.

Your salary will also depend on your arrangement and your employer. For example, certain companies stand out for the high average fees that they pay their virtual assistants. Companies such as Oasis Management or Towne Park Ltd. pay around 40 dollars an hour, while other giants such as Riot Games reportedly pay up to 80 an hour for a virtual assistant position. 

Is a virtual assistant career a long-term option?

It can be. With proper management of your work, a keen eye for the market, and constant development, your freelance gig could turn into a profitable career. In fact, various bloggers on the internet and forums have described a similar experience of starting virtual assistant jobs as a side thing that quickly transformed into their main income source. Some of these professionals have reported that their salaries now reach 10 thousand dollars per month.

However, in order to achieve something like that, you’ll have to be patient and diligent. Growing your freelance profile by adding experience and references, constantly learning and adapting, and of course, performing on a desirable level are prerequisites if you want to succeed as a remote virtual assistant. As with any other remote job that includes providing services, you’ll have to demonstrate consistency and long-term dependability. 

If you can manage all of that, virtual assistant jobs can be a long-term career. However, even those that aren’t interested in making a serious career being a virtual assistant can make it an engaging side job. It’s all up to you.


Compared to some other remote positions, virtual assistants aren’t the most paid employees out there, but there are perks of being a virtual assistant. Firstly, it’s easier to find employment and start off. Secondly, virtual assistant jobs offers amazing flexibility and freedom in choosing your clients. 

However, like with any other employment, everything is up to you. Your skills, dedication, and career choices can make becoming a virtual assistant a serious career move or a short side job episode.