Do Amazon Offer Work from home Jobs?

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The short answer is – yes. As one of the most recognized online merchants worldwide, Amazon offers work from home jobs for its employees. This means that it, too, has adjusted to the reshaping of the job market that took off with the onset of the pandemic and is now even more open to hiring remotely than ever before.

Whether you’re interested in part-time or full-time positions, you can search for opportunities within the fields of marketing, finance, project management, business development, sales, and IT, to anime a few.

Let us delve a little bit deeper into how one goes about getting a job at Amazon, possible position perks, and overall expectations.

What kind of work-from-home opportunities can you expect to find?

If you visit the official Amazon job board, you’ll witness more than 500 available listings under the Remote category, especially in the US territory. What’s more, the pandemic’s aftermath has shed new light on the company’s policies. Thus far, Amazon employees have been required to be at the office at least three times a week. However, the company has decided to adopt a more flexible model. 

On 11th October 2021, CEO Andy Jassy sent a message to his employees announcing more flexibility in times to come. 

Perhaps the most comprehensive array of jobs lies in the following categories:

  • Customer service 
  • Human resources
  • Recruiting
  • Healthcare jobs
  • Marketing campaign manager

Jobs in customer service

Due to the nature of its business, Amazon puts great emphasis on the customer experience. As a result, positions like these tend to have a higher pay rate compared to what other companies offer for the same service. Among other requirements, you would need to have a high-speed internet connection and a dedicated phone line. 

However, the company hires remote agents in certain states only. Check the job board regularly for possible restrictions. Also, remote work from home jobs in this field are often seasonal, and they fill up fast, so check for updates as often as you can, 

Human resources section

The people make the company, and Amazon is a well-oiled and high-functioning machine. The human resources department is there to keep running smoothly, and you can already anticipate that these positions are more demanding than others in the company, or anywhere else, for that matter.

The company takes these services extremely seriously and rightly asks for professionals in the field who have at least a bachelor’s degree minimum of six years of experience, out of which one year has to have been spent in a supervising position. This makes Human Resources one of the better work from home jobs.


Recruiters match qualified people with available positions. One of their tasks includes providing innovative methods in the first stage of the hiring process in order to find suitable talent for an open position. 

One can expect a heavy workload here, as Amazon is incessantly growing, so recruiters often go to external agencies that can help with the headhunt. In addition, they also research market conditions to make the most suitable choices for the company’s needs.

Jobs in healthcare

Some of the jobs Amazon offer in this field are Bio-Pharma Consultant and Solutions Health Architect. Both of these positions can be a handful and require a lot of dedication and commitment. 

For instance, the bio-pharma job requires travel, consulting experience, and knowledge of IT. On the other hand, the latter requires teamwork to develop new solutions for existing and potential healthcare partners. 

Marketing campaign management

Whoever holds this position is responsible for improving, planning, and executing the success of marketing campaigns via all channels, including email and social platforms. This includes the development of complex strategies for both long and short-term growth. 

Apart from Marketing Campaign Manager, other roles you could explore at Amazon are Product Marketing Manager, Brand Specialist, and Marketing Program manager.

How to apply

Now that you have a better understanding of what Amazon has to offer, it’s time to take a look for yourself. 

Find the remote-friendly jobs section and take a look at what’s currently on offer and what the requirements are. You’ll need to prepare a resume and a cover letter. However, don’t get discouraged if you don’t have experience in the job you’re interested in applying. Certain skills you have acquired in your previous positions may come in handy for the one you desire at Amazon. That’s why the cover letter is an important asset to your application. You have to let the company know why exactly you would be a suitable candidate for the position and in what ways you both might benefit from potential collaboration. 

If you are a loyal customer of Amazon, don’t forget to mention that. It will certainly state that you have a good understanding of the operations at one end and thus will better understand operations at the other. 

Final thoughts

In the end, we would like to advise you to bring be persistent, never give up and show as much enthusiasm as you can at your job interview. Amazon itself says that they are “customer-obsessed,” and the choice of words here clearly indicates what they wish their future employees who do their work from home jobs to bring to the table. 

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