5 Best Ways To Get an Entry level Remote Jobs

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entry level remote jobs
entry level remote jobs

Since you’re here, you’re probably looking for entry level remote jobs. That’s not a bad idea because working remotely brings many advantages. It introduces a completely different work dynamic and provides much more freedom and flexibility.

However, everybody has to start somewhere, and if you are not experienced, there’s little chance that you’ll get a top position. So instead, you should work your way up, and once you’ve acquired enough work experience, you will be deemed a desired candidate for the highest-paying positions.

But where does one start in order to develop as a professional in the remote job market? First, let’s see how you can get an entry-level remote job that will be your stepping stone to a lucrative career.

1. Choose an appropriate career path

Finding entry level remote jobs is far from impossible, but it isn’t as easy as pie. The first thing to understand is that the job market is more open for certain entry level remote jobs and less so for others. There are some areas in which the demand for new employees outgrows the talent pool by far. These areas are where you have the most chance of finding an entry-level position quickly.

Let’s glance at which careers can now prove the most fruitful for you as a newbie. The list includes remote positions such as:

  • Tutoring
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Data Entry
  • Graphic Design
  • Translation
  • Writing and Editing

These positions are currently in high demand, and you’ll have far less trouble finding a job than in some other work areas. Most of these don’t require any formal education either. If you demonstrate your skill and willingness to work, you’ll find an entry-level position that will be your starting point for bigger and better things ahead.

2 Make an entry level profile on job boards like Upwork

The first platform that comes to mind is undoubtedly Upwork. This job board is as simple as they come, with ads posted by different employers asking for services. You can answer the ad by sending a cover letter and replying to their questions. In addition, the board is packed with entry-level gigs that will help you establish yourself and acquire some much-needed experience in the area you’re trying to develop. 

There’s an abundance of entry level remote jobs where the employers ask for no experience on Upwork. These are usually one-time or part-time engagements, and they will quickly increase your on-platform earnings. With more earnings and positive reviews, your reach on the platform grows, and you’ll develop an admirable job profile that can later serve as a credible reference for your capabilities and achievements.

You can also try other job boards such as FlexJobs and WeWorkRemotely. After all, having profiles on multiple platforms can only increase your chances of scoring a very comfortable position somewhere and quickly outgrowing your entry-level status.

3 Get a solid recommendation

This isn’t about you finding someone who can get you hired directly. In fact, that would probably be counterproductive because you want your skill and personality to match what the company needs. And you need an unbiased source to confirm that it is indeed the case. 

However, you can ask a friend who works in a field that you want to work in for a referral. They can contact their HR department and let them know that there is someone who is new to the business but is willing to learn, grow, and adapt to what the company needs. After meeting with them and presenting them with who you are and why you want to join them, there’s a fair chance they’ll appreciate your willingness and the fact that an expert in the field has recommended you.

Many companies have a positive stance towards acquiring new employees like this. So that may be your chance.

4 Find an Internship

Internships these days are remote as well. These programs will help you acquire the much-needed experience for your work portfolio. However, there’s an even more critical aspect of internships that one should never overlook – acquaintances. 

The people you’ll meet in internship programs are in the same area as you and may give you some useful information or even help you get employed.

In short, acquaintances are game-changing for anyone trying to find a job. Therefore, participating in a program that will put you in the same virtual place as many other people of the same career orientation can only prove positive for you.

5 Make sure you stand out in the Entry level Remote Jobs market

At the end of the day, you have to find a way to get noticed. Whatever position you apply for, you can be sure that the competition will be present. So, how can you make sure that you get noticed among so many other applicants?

This is where your ability to present your traits and qualities becomes essential. Cover letters and interviews will not only present your skills and past experiences to those who are assessing you, but you’ll also introduce them to who you are and what your dreams and hopes are.  

These circumstances are ideal for you to make a solid point on why you belong with them and how you can and will contribute to their organization. Never underestimate the power of making an impression when applying for entry level remote jobs.

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